Today is "National Don’t Send Your Child To School Day," abrilliant idea from a website that is terrified that the Common Core educational standards will lead to socialism, one-world government, tyranny, "Obama Math" and god knows what else, probably Sharia law too.* Among other worries, some parents fear that since Common Core seeks to normalize educational standards among the 45 participating states, this is somehow a "federal takeover" of education -- in reality, the Department of Education supports the initiative, but has no power to mandate it... YET. Basically, opposition to Common Core runs from the serious (too much standardization) to the ridiculous (Obama's gonna make our kids illiterate communists!), with what seems to be a lot of paranoid ranting driving a lot of it. Like "UN Agenda 21" it's becoming sort of a rightwing shibboleth, something that must be opposed because godfearing Americans must fight the grab-bag of threats it poses to everything we hold dear.

So anyway, today is the day to tell the schools that you're not going to go along with Common Core, by keeping your kids home and showing them 10th Amendment flashcards or something, until they get bored and wander off to play video games.

Consider this fine "analysis" of Common Core, which tells us that Common Core is pretty much the brainchild of "Weatherman/terrorist-turned-education professor Bill Ayers," or at least people who are just like him, like, you know, Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton. Among other terrorist ideas, Common Core will supposedly make all children read

adaptations of popular adult nonfiction books like Fast Food Nation, the socialist tract, Nickel and Dimed, and books about teen idol Justin Bieber.

And of course, it's the first step in promoting a socialist revenue sharing scheme/agenda that will replace local control of schools and budgets with "federally appointed bureaucrats who will impose regional tax-sharing." Sure, why not. And remember: Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers.

For what it's worth, even the Daily Caller -- no fan of Common Core -- describes the horrifying specter in these chilling terms:

The Common Core standards demand that students know certain things by certain grade levels, but do little to describe how teachers should impart those skills.

You can see why it's a threat to freedom.

The organizer of Stay Home And Don't Learn Day, Janet Wilson, sees Common Core as the first step toward "Big Brother, George Orwell, 1984. We are living in it," she says. No word on whether she has actually read 1984 or given any thought to the socialist ideals of the guy who wrote it. She's also keeping her own kid home, as she does every day -- her own child isn't yet old enough to go to school, and Wilson is planning on homeschooling anyway. So she's out to protect other people's kids from a public school system that she has no intention of participating in.

Needless to say, Wilson also warns that “If we don’t speak up now, federal education will be the beginning of the end of this country as we know it,” because nothing is ever just an idea you don't like, it's the END OF AMERICA.

So good luck to the brave few thousand Patriots who will send an unmistakable message to the Education Czars by slightly adding to truancy rates today. Wonkette salutes your dedication to keeping your children untouched by ideas that you have not personally approved.

*For what it's worth, while plenty of wingnuts do claim that Common Core is pushing Islam, Janet Wilson and other organizers of the "Don't Send Your Child To School" thing are not among them.

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