Terrifying New Law May Be Total Disaster For Savers! Tabs, Fri., May 29, 2020


Half of new Washington state coronavirus cases are in people under 40. (Seattle Times)

(Can't watch the video? Click the little twitter birdie.)

How police language has evolved to evade any sort of subject. An excellent explication, with a couple fine examples right here!

"An off-duty Hoover police officer is under investigation after a dispute with his wife early Saturday resulted in a handgun being discharged and her being shot," claimed another news source in Alabama, again citing police officials. The officer in question resigned; two months later, he made headlines once more: "A former Hoover police officer investigated after his gun discharged and struck his wife in February was arrested over the weekend on domestic violence charges." Guns don't shoot people, an observer might note, except when they're the guns of police, who don't shoot people either, but get mixed up in officer-involved shootings instead.

Then you can continue on to read what the police man was recorded saying over the little boy's body. — The New Republic

Goddammit, The Onion. Protesters Criticized for Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First.

Rawstory has been buying up this freelancer's excellent looks at "boogaloo" guys trying to get involved with the Minneapolis protests. Some of course are white supremacists hankering for race war; others genuinely hate police brutality and just (lol, "just") want civil war. (Rawstory)

A Closer Look at Federal COVID Contractors Reveals Inexperience, Fraud Accusations and a Weapons Dealer Operating Out of Someone's House. Click, ProPublica, click!

Debbie Stabenow's $8 billion bill to help farmers get food to people instead of mud puddles. (Bloomberg)

An update on CR8AD8 or whatever that San Antonio event planner was called, guess who hasn't delivered any food bank boxes. (Interesting look at how they're handling food banks in Vermont too.) — Politico

'We Loved Each Other.' Fauci Recalls [AIDS activist] Larry Kramer, Friend and Nemesis.

"How did I meet Larry? He called me a murderer and an incompetent idiot on the front page of the San Francisco Examiner magazine."

New York Times

Should we have a jolly debt holiday jubilee after the pandemic? James Galbraith says yes! — New York mag

A climate policy platform to unite the Left. Yes please Vox.

What will Trump's Section 230 Kill Twitter Executive Order do? SHRUGGY MOTICON! (Just kidding, it's actually a very good overview of what that platform immunity means, why Trump wants to kill it, how Josh Hawley loves to lie, etc.) — Buzzfeed

'This Is What I Want': Why Trump needs a big stupid convention. Please, RNC, do! (Politico)

Why Trump's fight with Obama might backfire. Lol "might," 538.

The rightwing legal network is now openly trumpeting conspiracy theories. You know the law: Dahlia Lithwick (and Richard Hasen) writes, you read! — Slate

Let's read about independent meat processors! (Civil Eats)

Queens of Infamy! Lucrezia Borgia! — LongReads

Ok fine, Buzzfeed: 16 pro chefs' tips for cooking at home.

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