so fuckin' cute! - WonketteBecause the whole Terrorist Submarine Time Machine thing is the funniest fuck-with-the-media story since those Boston Terror Lite-Brite Mooninite guys did a press conference about their haircuts, we will just continue posting updates all day long, forever. Here, pictured, is "Mango," the lovable sea-going terrier mascot of the 1776 American Turtle crew.

Sub pilot/nautical-history artist Duke Riley has pulled many such stunts in the past, including this one, as recounted by the Village Voice:

In the summer of 2004, during the heightened security of the Republican National Convention, Riley drank a gut-full of rum and rowed out to Belmont Island, a pile of scrub situated across from the United Nations, where he climbed Tower 17 and unfurled a 21-foot-long red flag depicting two electric eels. As daybreak approached, he proclaimed Belmont Island a sovereign nation and began a laborious retreat back to the Long Island City ferry terminal.

Just after dawn, a Coast Guard boat equipped with machine guns apprehended Riley's craft. The entire operation was caught on video and scored with Wagner, for a piece Riley calls Belmont Island (SMEACC).

"I was pretty trashed," admits Riley with a smile. "SMEACC is military debriefing acronym for Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration, and Command Control. Amazingly enough, they didn't arrest me."

We also salute SMEACC for its sense of humor.

Artist, Patriot [Duke Riley]

Adventures with an Egg [Flickr/KeyLimeSteve]


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