Terror Kitsch Performance Body Slammed

Washington City Paper's Dave McKenna reports that World Wrsetling Entertainment (WWE) is canceling a much-hyped bout on the upcoming SummerSlam extravaganza at Washington's MCI Center. It seems that the WWE's first post-9/11 Islamic terrorist character is flopping.The character, Muhammad Hassan--who is played in reality by Italian-American named Mark Copani--has been an abiding source of controversy since he was introduced last fall. But his performance on the night of the July 7 attacks on the London mass transit system is what prompted the decision to yank him:

On a Smackdown episode that was broadcast nationally on the very night of the train and bus bombings, Hassan ordered his sidekick [Khosrow Daivari] into the ring to face the much bigger, meaner wrestler known as the Undertaker. Hassan convinced Daivari that he needed to be sacrificed "for the greater good."

While the Undertaker was pounding most of the life out of Daivari (wink wink), Hassan led a crew dressed in matching al-Qaeda-looking outfits into the ring and garroted the Undertaker with wire. Hassan and his cellmates then carried Daivari


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