Terrorist Attacks In Brussels Prove Donald Trump Right About Everything

Floral Carpet in Brussels in 2008. It's pretty.

Tragic news from Brussels:

A series of deadly terrorist attacks struck Brussels on Tuesday, with two explosions at the city’s main international airport, and a third in a subway station at the heart of the city.

According to news agencies, 13 people were killed at the airport, and 15 in the subway bombing, while 30 others were wounded. Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium said there were “numerous” dead.

The numbers of dead and injured continue to change. British Prime Minister David Cameron has called an emergency meeting of ministers, the French government has placed an additional 1600 police on the borders, and pretty much all of Belgium -- its airport, trains, subways, and buses -- has been locked down.

It's the kind of tragedy that might, in a more civilized era, have caused people seeking to be world leaders to take a breath and offer their condolences to the nation under attack and to the victims and their families. But in this era, when we don't have time to be politically correct or even mildly decent, or the slightest bit responsible about the language we use and the accusations we so carelessly fling against The Bad Guys, there's no time like the present to start spewing incendiary language, speculating about whom to blame -- even though officials have not determined who is responsible -- and trash-talking, oh, well, everyone. Take it away, Republican frontrunner for president Donald Trump:


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