Terrorist Ship That Was Rammed Into Ye Olde Worlde Trade Centre Discovered


Workers are excavating the World Trade Center site (Not done yet? What is this, union labor?), and on Tuesday, they founda giant 18th-century ship stuck in there. How? Well, back then terrorists were called "pirates." (Evil liberal Hollywood has made empathize with pirates, but they were TERRORISTS OF THE SEAS.) And these pirates hated nothing more than our freedom (for white English male property owners)! So they drove their ship up Manhattan and right into the side of the Dutch East Indian Company Worlde Trade Centre.

Is that the only explanation? Perhaps the 9/11 terrorists brought a giant old ship with them on the planes they hijacked. They used to let you bring anything on an airplane.

Anyway, freedom is never free, even in colonial times, as we see here. And pirates are scum. A second ship hasn't been found, so we can assume some patriots took their ship back from the pirate hijackers and rammed it into the middle of William Penn's colony.

Archaeologists dug up this ship and now will probably want the government to pay them for the ye olde aesethma they contracted. [NYT]


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