Former Pennsylvania congressional hopeful Rick Saccone, who will no longer be an adjunct professor at St. Vincent's College

One of the more jarring aspects of the storming of the Capitol by crazed Trump supporters was how absolutely brazen they were. Taking selfies with cops, taking cutesy candid photos in offices and while stealing lecterns. Posing for Getty photographers. They did interviews in which they plaintively explained that they were "storming the capitol!" in the same plaintive tone you might expect from someone who simply went out for ice cream and got teargassed for doing so. While maybe rubbing an onion all over their face. They told reporters that this was their building, that this is their country, and were largely under the impression that they were totally entitled to be there and steal anything they liked.

Heck, practically the only person covering their face was the guy carrying 85,000 zip ties with him.

It was very clear that they did not expect there to be any consequences. And, to be fair, for most of the people there, there won't be. At least not legal consequences of the kind they might be expecting to face if they were not white Republicans calling themselves "patriots."

But there have been a few consequences so far, namely some of these terrorists losing their jobs after bragging about their exploits on social media and subsequently being identified by people who knew them.

Or by people who noticed that they were actually wearing their work badges into the building, as was the case with one man who worked at Navistar Direct Marketing of Frederick, Maryland.

He is no longer working there! The company issued a statement saying that workers who "demonstrate dangerous conduct that endangers the health and safety of others will lose their jobs."

Then there was Libby Andrews, a Chicago-area real estate agent who was terminated from her position at @properties after posting pictures on social media celebrating storming the Capitol with champagne.

In an interview with Reuters, Andrews was still pretty sure she did nothing wrong and also couldn't have done anything wrong because of how she is petite.

"I'm a 56-year-old woman, petite. I was not there causing trouble. I was there to support my president," said Andrews.

Andrews said she had climbed the steps of the Capitol without encountering security, posted selfies from the scene on Instagram, sang the national anthem and then moved on.

You know, like normal. For the record, "petite" women can absolutely commit crimes! Dorothea Puente was only 5'2" and like 60 years old when she was arrested for murdering all of the tenants in her building for their Social Security checks. So there.

Guess who else lost their job?!?! Rick Saccone, a former Pennsylvania state Rep., previously best known for running for Congress against Conor Lamb and wearing hair nets with Donald Trump, Jr. while doing so.

Saccone was working as an adjunct professor at St. Vincent College and has since resigned after recording a video of himself storming the Capitol.

While he was there, he actually ran into sitting Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano, and posed for a picture with him. Doug Mastriano has yet to resign, but a whole lot of people are calling for him to do so.

Oh, and look — here's another one who hasn't lost his job yet, but definitely should. Derrick Evans, newly elected member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Here is a video made by Paul Davis, a lawyer at Goosehead Insurance in Texas. He has also been fired.

Good job, guys!

Now, the thing I'd really like to point out here is that while all of these lawyers and petite champagne-drinking real estate agents and professors and politicians were "storming the Capitol" in hopes that the Senate would just say, "Oh, what the hell! Let's give Donald Trump four more years! These people seem to really want that!" the National Association of Manufacturers was calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked.

Oh, and you know who else was there at the Capitol? Aaron Mostofsky, son of a prominent Brooklyn judge who was carrying a police riot shield while decked out in animal furs.

And this lady, real estate broker Jenna Ryan, of Frisco, Texas, who took her private jet to DC for the occasion.

People — including some people ostensibly on the Left — keep trying to act as if the Trump supporters storming the Capitol were just these blue collar rural salt-of-the-earth folk who were full of despair and just had nothing left to lose. That is very clearly not the case! These are, for the most part, well-off, professional people and members of the petit bourgeoisie who have a lot to lose but who are not accustomed to facing consequences for anything.

And sure. For the most part, they're not going to face the same consequences they would have faced had they not mostly been well-off, white Republicans going around calling themselves "patriots." But they will face some, and when they do, we will be right there with the schadenfreude.


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