Terry Holt Moves On: Don't Call It a Come-Back

The RNC has just announced that former BC04 national spokesperson Terry Holt has been repurposed over to the RNC, to serve as a "Senior Advisor" to chairman Ed Gillespie. Could this be a campaign shake-up?!? Is it true that Holt is a total bitch? More important: Who gets his desk?

Ok, it's true, as one tipster noted, that campaigns are rarely accused of having a "shake-up" when they're ten points ahead in the polls. So this probably isn't going to be the story that educates Note readers on who's fourth-to-eighth in command over at BC04HQ, but still: Testy, gaffe-prone communications professionals seem to be a bipartisan phenom these days, no? Someone needs to come up with a meaning for "to Holt." We hear Holt's been struggling for awhile, having been cut out of the loop at the top for weeks; the campaign even appointed a second "national spokesperson" last month. Some think his calling the press "the scum of the earth" last week was what pulled the trigger on his not-quite-lateral move, but we thought that was the kind of thing that got you a gig as a Bush speechwriter, not a demotion.

Terry Holt to Join RNC as Senior Advisor to the Chairman [GOP.com]

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