Terry McAuliffe, Wife Steal Hillary Clinton's Internet Stuff


MORE THAN EVER should you now regret signing up for Hillary Clinton's 2007-08 campaign mailing list -- which you all did, because you looooove her -- because guess who's hijacked it now? Terry McAuliffe, in his random run for Virginia governor. Curse you Terry!

What an advantage for him though hmm? That's a pretty vast database of e-mail addresses to simply obtain. And he's using the list for very important outreach e-mails, just like Hillary did. E-mail Template #1, for example: get a campaign intern to pretend to be a "family member" and FORCE all e-mail subscribers to write cards to the candidate, and maybe also give the candidate $2,300 (as long as they're at the website right?) So maybe you all should wish Terry a "happy birthday." Or something to that effect.

[Terry McAuliffe]


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