Twenty Art Projects To Make With Surplus Zucchini. Tabs, Thurs., July 1, 2021

Twenty Art Projects To Make With Surplus Zucchini. Tabs, Thurs., July 1, 2021

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Hold on to your hats, Wonkers! It's gonna be a crazy day.

Today the Supreme Court is likely to release opinions in the last two cases of the term, and it's likely to be BAD. In Americans for Prosperity v. Rodriguez, the court will side with the Koch suckers who say that disclosing dark money donors violates their First Amendment rights, and conservatives are likely to get another win in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, with a greenlight to Arizona's vote suppression laws. Those links take you to summaries at SCOTUSblog, and if you feel like maniacally refreshing at 10am like a pro, here's that link, too.

Look for a lot of unseemly (IMHO) speculation on Justice Breyer's retirement plans. Shhhhhh, guys! He knows what can happen — he was right there for this whole Ginsburg to Barrett debacle.

All of which will be immediately knocked off the front page when Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg gets arraigned today on charges of ... SOMETHING. Read the Post's coverage here, and the Times' write up here. No doubt our maniac ex-president will have lots to say about it on whatever remains of his stupid blog.

In other court news, Florida's batshit online speech regulation law, meant to strike fear in the hearts of conservative-suppressing tech companies everywhere, got preliminarily enjoined. Here's the order itself, and here's a short write-up at TechDirt. Jamie will have more on that later. And guys, here's the docket at Court Listener. I always include a link to the docket in my stories, because I think it's bullshit that this stuff gets treated as some magical incantation from on high. It's really not, so click it!

And Variety broke the news that the court has refused to remove Britney Spears' father as conservator of her property, also reporting that Jamie Spears denied many of the charges against him made by the pop star in court last week. It's really fucking gross.

Not depressed enough? Read this terrific, heartbreaking post at Nieman Lab by author Sarah Miller on the impossibility of talking about the "threat of climate change" when the entire country is on literal or figurative fire. It's not a threat, it's reality now.

Over at The Atlantic, George Packer gives Donald Rumsfeld, GWB's Secretary of Foreverwar, the sendoff he deserves. Speaking of Rumsfeld, this season of Slate's Slow Burn podcast on the lead up to the Iraq War is awesome and you should listen to it!

Podcasts not your thing? How about movies? The New York Times has a new video report out on the January 6 Insurrection, and it is HOLY SHITBALLS.

Phylicia Rashad, AKA Claire Huxtable, AKA the incoming dean of the Howard University College of Fine Arts, has pissed off everybody with her celebration of Bill Cosby's release from prison. The school put out a statement saying that it supports sexual assault survivors. Read about this unpleasantness at Variety.

That's a lot of gloom and doom early in the morning. Let's enjoy this fun item from the Columbus Dispatch on Republican senate candidate Josh Mandel and his dumpster fire campaign.

Stay cool, kids.

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