Texans Want To Secede From Union, Name George W. Bush Their Texas President


Mysterious Wonkette Texas operative "The Doctor" (RP?) has forwarded us a delightful e-mail (s)he received this morning, probably from a great aunt or uncle, that thoroughly explains how Texas has the resources it needs to secede from the Union, which it should do immediately, "since B. Hussein Obama won the election." Silly sheeple, onlynow they get it; the Paultards have been lobbying for this since January or August or whenever it was that Ron Paul stopped running. *FACEPALM*

And just like those glorious Paultard schemes of yore, this one features a number of lines that strongly suggest we're reading satire. (THE FIRST #2 IS A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF THIS.) (#9 TOO.)

But of course, it's not satire.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: _____ <_____>

Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 6:37 PM

Subject: Here's what Texas can do !


Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede

from the Union . (Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of


We Texans love y'all, but we'll probably have to take action since B. Hussein Obama won the election. We'll miss you too.

Here is what can happen:

#1: Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the United States ,

Texas immediately secedes from the Union .

#2: George W. Bush will become the President of the Republic of Texas .

So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic?

1. NASA is just south of Houston , Texas . We will control the space industry.

2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United States .

3. Defense Industry--we have over 65% of it. The term "Don't mess

with Texas ," will take on a whole new meaning.

4. Oil - we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas will

need for the next 300 years. Yankee states? Sorry about that.

5. Natural Gas - again we have all we need and it's too bad about

those Northern States. John Kerry will have to figure out a way to

keep them warm....

6. Computer Industry - we currently lead the nation in producing

computer chips and communications--small companies like Texas

Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor,

Motorola, Intel, AMD, Atmel, Applied Materials, Ball Miconductor,

Dallas Semiconductor, Delphi , Nortel, Alcatel, etc, etc. The list

goes on and on.

7. Medical Care - We have the largest research centers for cancer

research, the best burn centers and the top trauma units in the world,

as well as other large health centers. Dallas has some of the best

hospitals in the United States .

8. We have enough colleges to keep us going: University of Texas ,

Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Rice, SMU, University of Houston , Baylor, UNT

( University of North Texas ), Texas Women's University, etc. Ivy

grows better in the South anyway.

9. We have a ready supply of workers. We could just open the border

when we need some more.

10. We have essential control of the paper industry, plastics, insurance, etc.

11. In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Texas National Guard

and the Texas Air National Guard. We don't have an Army, but since

everybody down here has at least six rifles and a pile of ammo, we can

raise an Army in 24 hours if we need one. If the situation really

gets bad, we can always call the Department of Public Safety and ask

them to send over Chuck Norris and a couple of Texas Rangers.

12. We are totally self-sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs, and several

types of grain, fruit and vegetables, and let's not forget seafood

from the Gulf. Also, everybody down here knows how to cook them so

that they taste good. Don't need any food.

This just names a few of the items that will keep the Republic of

Texas in good shape. There isn't a thing out there that we need and

don't have.

Now to the rest of the United States under President Obama:

Since you won't have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only

President Obama will be able to drive around in his big 9 mpg SUV.

The rest of the United States will have to walk or ride bikes.

You won't have any TV as the Space Center in Houston will cut off

satellite communications.

You won't have any natural gas to heat your homes, but since Mr. Obama

has predicted global warming, you will not need the gas as long as you

survive the 2000 years it will take to get enough heat from Global


Signed, The People of Texas

P.S. This is not a threatening letter - just a note to give you

something to think about!


One Nation Under God

Well, as long as they have "essential control" over plastics and insurance, "etc.", then really there's no reason to stay in this filthy banana republic.

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Well folks, we think we have a geopolitical relations first for an American president. We might need to consult with Doris Kearns Goodwin or Kevin Kruse, but we cannot recall a time one of America's purported enemies OR friends has called the president of the United States "retarded" or anything along those lines. We remember leaders hating American presidents. We remember them recoiling like UGH GET OFF ME when an American president tried to give them a friendly sensual love massage during the G8. We remember them literally attacking our democratic elections in order to prevent the inaugurations of potential presidents they despise and fear. But we don't remember anything like this.

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, commenting on Donald Trump after the Trump administration threw some new sanctions at Iran on Monday:

Iran warned Tuesday that new U.S. sanctions targeting its supreme leader and other top officials meant "closing the doors of diplomacy" between Tehran and Washington amid heightened tensions, even as President Hassan Rouhani derided the White House as being "afflicted by mental retardation."

Here is the full quote, in case you were wondering if something was lost in translation, like that time Vladimir Putin called Trump "brilliant" and Trump was so excited he left a ring of orange jizz around the bathtub, but what Putin actually said in Russian more accurately translates as "colorful" or "shiny." There's no confusion here:

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John Sanders high-fives a child who is not in a filthy border jail run by his agency. (US CBP photo)

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The news of Sanders's resignation came by pure coincidence just hours after a CBP official told the Washington Post that 100 children would be returned to a Border Patrol detention facility in Clint, Texas; this was quite a surprise given that CBP had rushed to get over 300 kids out of that same border jail starting Monday, after lawyers reported the kids were filthy and poorly fed, and that the care of very young children had been left to slightly older kids -- like seven and eight years old. Probably just a coincidence that Sanders is deserting ship just as the news is full of just how horrible those baby jails were -- in this administration, that's something to be proud of.

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