Texas '06 Elections Update: You Guys Are Just Nuts, OK?

Texas came this close to ridding themselves of Tom DeLay forever, and now, thanks to some activist GOP-appointed judge, they'll be stuck with him again. Not only will DeLay's name remain on the ballot in the 22nd District, but Tom is strongly considering running for reelection again.

Texas, why do you hate the rest of us so very much? You do know that the crazy shit DeLay does House of Representatives affects people outside of Texas, right? Can't you guys make him Governor or something? Because it seems like you're letting anyone on to that ballot.

The state elections chief on Monday rejected gubernatorial candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn's request to be called "Grandma" on the November ballot, but he decided her fellow independent candidate Kinky Friedman could use his nickname as long as it was accompanied by his given name -- Richard.

So... what you're saying is... we could get DeLay off the ballot... if he changes his name to "Grandma"?

'Kinky' but not 'Grandma' to be on the Texas ballot [CNN]

Texas Seat in Doubt [Roll Call]


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