Texas Caucus Results Thwarted By Possibly Transgendered Old People

The Texas Caucus will never be decided, and not because of some Diebold terrorist glitch, either. No, it is because old people don't know the meaning of "transgendered," and when caucus officials tried to explain it to them last night due to ballot confusion, the old people cursed them out and refused to give any gender at all. As our secret Texas caucus official operative "Bob" notes, "Democratic officials must now determine whether caucusers who refused to properly disclose this information must be disqualified."

Here's the full top secret report from Operative Bob:

Texas Democrats, caucusing in the descending dark evening after the March 4 primary, were compelled to disclose if they are a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, ...(or)... Transgendered" person as part of the officially required sign-in process. This question was printed at a 90 degree angle from horizontal, making it very difficult for many attendees to read. Consequently, this operative, like many other precinct officials, verbally queried many of the feeble eyed elderly about their gender preferences as part of the sign in procedure, resulting in awkward responses such as, "none of your ***k**g business!," or "why do they need that?!", or nervous titters. (Actually, nobody said ***k**g, but they were thinking it.) Most refused disclosure!

Democratic officials must now determine whether caucusers who refused to properly disclose this information must be disqualified. This throws the Texas caucus results into tragic uncertainty and chaos. [...]

It was really pretty funny because we had crowds standing in line for a long time, the sign-in process was painfully slow, and the form requested soooo much data. Folks just began to skip anything but name and address. It was fun watching folks further back in line when they overheard the sex questions and they realized that they were going to be next to have an "enhanced interrogation."

So now the Tranny Army has destroyed Texas, again. Will they stop at nothing?

Full PDF of this confusing Tranny form, straight from Operative Bob, here.

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