Texas: Getting The Government OUT Of Our Public Schools!!

On Tuesday, September 8th at 11 AM (8/11), Barack Obama will be taking the teevees of our nation's classrooms by force for what can only be described as purposes of communism.Most of America's Good Parents have already said they would not be sending their school-aged children to school on this day, but Texas school districts will be taking NO CHANCES and are stepping in to ensure that whatever suck-up nerd retards bother to show up anyway will not be seeing that speech.

Instead, North Texas school districts will be recording Obama's message and letting the "individual teachers" (parents and superintendents) decide whether or not to show it at some later date.

Districts in North Texas have received complaints about the speech, and most are not broadcasting it to their students.

"There appears to be a curriculum associated with the speech," said Fred Moses, chairman of the Collin County Republican Party.

Parent Bobby Lochner said he wouldn't mind his children hearing a speech on education -- if that's all the message is.

"On the surface, and if it's kept to at that -- as just talking to the American people and the importance of education -- obviously that is very important," he said.

Many districts are making Obama's speech available, but are not requiring students to watch it.

By BANNING this video from children, parents and schools have in effect established the President's short speech about the importance of goal-making as the coolest shit ever, ever, ever, at least since the South Park movie. Kids will be watching this thing at sleepovers after the parents go to bed for the next decade.

David Axlerod is a genius.



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