Texas GOPer Super Jazzed About All The Abortions COVID-19 Will Prevent

Texas GOPer Super Jazzed About All The Abortions COVID-19 Will Prevent

One of the main lessons we've learned during this pandemic is that "pro-life" is a moral philosophy that applies only to fetuses and brain dead born humans who are related to people who can afford to keep them on life support against the wishes of doctors or their spouses. So really just fetuses, Terri Schiavo, Charlie Gard, and that's about it. Anyone else? Eh, they could give or take.

Of course, most of us already knew that. Given how fond they are of killing people in hopes of "saving" fetuses, and the fact that most of them tend to be pro-war and pro-death penalty.

Texas congressional candidate Kathaleen (not a typo, that's how she spells it) Wall is taking this to a whole new level though with her theories on how the COVID-19 pandemic is actually saving lives.

This week, on Facebook, Wall thanked Texas Governor Greg Abott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for instituting a ban on abortions during the pandemic, claiming they are an elective procedure, and then claimed that this measure would mean that COVID-19 would actually save more lives than it takes.

Thanks to the leadership of Office of the Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, #COVID19 will save more lives this week than it takes! #ProLife

#ProLife indeed! Except, you know, for the people who will die. People who are already alive and have families and friends and lives. Not like the kind of "life" a zygote has. A conscious life in which they are actually aware of what is going on and can feel pain.

Wall, who is hoping to be the Republican candidate to represent Texas’s 22nd Congressional District, also linked to an article from a site called Texas Scoreboard, which claimed that banning abortion during the pandemic would save 2,868 "pre-born" lives. You know, because this is just a really great time to be pregnant.

It is perhaps worth noting that Wall posted this a mere two days before Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick suggested that old people should be super cool with dying in order to "save" the economy. So, old people dying is fine as long as it saves some money, but the zygotes must be saved at all costs.

On Saturday, Wall doubled down on her very stupid theory in a statement to Newsweek:

Speaking to Newsweek Saturday, Wall reiterated her belief that the abortion directive is saving lives. "While the coronavirus spread and resulting deaths are a grave concern for the people of this Country and Texas, the fact is that last week in Texas 700 lives were saved because the Governor stopped abortions. I think that is good news during these difficult times," she said.


Sri Preston Kulkarni, the Democratic candidate Wall will be running against should she win the state's Republican primary, also spoke to Newsweek about Wall's bullshit:

Kulkarni said Texas already leads the country with the highest maternal mortality rate and number of illegal abortions.

"If you take away reproductive health access, you actually cause women to die," Kulkarni said in response to Wall's "saving lives" remark. "Taking away that access is actually going to kill women and if COVID-19 lasts much longer, women are going to have to make that very personal decision outside both the legal and health-safety windows of time."

And that's not good! If this lasts long, there are going to be a lot of illegal abortions in Texas and Ohio and whichever other states end up banning them, and those can often be dangerous. That could lead to people needing a whole heck of lot more medical care than they would if they had just had a safe, legal abortion to begin with.

What Wall is doing here is absolutely ghoulish. People are dying from COVID-19 — 30 people in her own state so far — and she's sitting around being giddy about the prospect of getting to force people to give birth against their will. While I doubt there will ever be a good time for that bullshit, the middle of a pandemic certainly isn't it.


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