RAICES Offers Donald Trump Big Bucks To Let The Migrant Mamas Go

RAICES, the San Antonio-based immigrants rights group, has collected more than $20 million in its drive to provide legal representation and bond money for families sucked into Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" border policy -- maybe some of it from you! So now members of RAICES are marching -- today! -- from Capitol Hill to the White House to present a great big novelty check for $20 million for immigrant parents' bail. Trump has used children as hostages to his political agenda, so how about a big fat ransom payment?

RAICES -- it stands for Refugee And Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and is a nice Spanish word meaning "roots" -- said in a statement, "Bonds often cost between $5 -10,000 so our $20m can pay approximately 2,500 in one go." If money is the one thing Donald Trump understands, then maybe TV coverage of an oversized novelty check right outside his house will get his attention, even if at the moment he's off embarrassing the United States in Europe.

On the off chance that Jared doesn't pop out to endorse the check with a great big novelty pen, the more than $20 million RAICES has collected will be used for lawyers, paying bonds for parents who can get them, and other efforts to reunite parents and children. It also plans a "hiring spree" to help expand its help with providing legal services on the border. You can send them money right here.

Now if they can just educate folks on Twitter that no, they're not actually handing Donald Trump a real check for $20 million. But at least, unlike Trump's novelty checks "for veterans," there really is money behind them.

What is it now? It's your happy end-of-day OPEN THREAD.

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Doktor Zoom

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