What in the Sam Hell?

A Dairy Queen owner in Texas has come under public fire for posting really bigoted signs about someone else's religion. OH BOY, it's Texas, must mean another Christian shitting on Muslims, we're so tired of -- wait, the asshat DQ owner is a Muslim? What the hell?!

Mohammed Dar really, really doesn't like Hindus and Hinduism. He has made this explicitly clear at his Houston-area Dairy Queen with signs both outside and inside the restaurant -- signs whose bigotry is only exceeded by their batshit lunacy. Among other credos, the signs proclaim things like "'Not' Monkeyism of Dark Ages," "Follow The Truth Of The Constitution, NOT Evil Pharoaha," "Manifesto of Illegality," and "Demonic Mithraism."

We're not sure what any single one of those damn lunatic phrases means, but we're pretty sure each is fucked up in its own special way. We particularly like the "Evil Pharoaha" one, because we've never seen someone misspell "pharaoh" in two different directions at once. Also too, it makes perfect sense, because we recall the great Judeo-Christian story wherein Rameses II called upon Kali and Shiva to intervene when Moses rained down frogs on his ass.

Now, your first reaction to this story might be: who the hell hates Hindus?! Did Dar see "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" one too many times and start assuming it was a documentary? Does he have a very specific phobia of four-armed elephant Gods? Is he violently opposed to jarringly-misplaced song and dance numbers? Hatred for any religion is unacceptable and wrong (unless it's Scientology), OBVIOUSLY, but seriously, what the hell?!

But as baffling as anti-Hindu sentiment might seem to Americans, Muslim-Hindu conflict is a lot more common around the world -- especially in South Asia -- than many Americans realize. India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have all been hotspots for some pretty ugly shit related to this.

Speaking of ugly shit, here's Dar's impassioned defense of his WTF bigotry:

“Racism is the foundation of Hinduism,” said Mohammad Dar, owner of the restaurant.

Dar ... insists his messages are not opinion but fact. He said along with ice cream he wants to serve up some education to his customers and that’s all he’s trying to accomplish with his signs.

“This the facts, anybody has a problem, I challenge them to prove me wrong,” he said. “I do not practice racism but human equality."

Yeah, Mohammed, we don't think "these aren't the droids you're looking for" is going to work on this one. Call it a hunch.

Anyway, let's talk about -- oh, Mohammed has more bullshit to say, cool:

Dar told KPRC he serves 200 customers a day. These signs have been up for the last six months and he says only a few people have been offended.

About 1 percent, he estimates.

“This is not offensive, this is educational,” he said.

If nothing else, this guy is a fascinating window into what Donald Trump would be if he wasn't a white New Yorker. But hey, you do you, Dar. Except, no, please stop doing you, you is one fucked up sumbitch.

Obviously, Dar has a legal right to hold and preach his horrible bullshit opinions-which-are-not-facts. That's what free speech means. It also means we can call him a dicksocket and refuse to eat his dumb Hinduphobic blizzards.

We also can't imagine Dairy Queen's corporate HQ is particularly thrilled with being associated with bigotry now that this is out there, so have fun with that one, Mohammed!

[GrubStreet / Click2Houston]


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