Texas ‘Open Carry’ Loon Ready To Start Executing Lawmakers, Because Freedom Is Why

The bill to allow licensed open carry of handguns in Texas wasn't slowed down a bit by the shootout in Waco, but it hashit a bit of a roadblock in the state legislature -- police groups are lobbying to kill a clause that would prohibit cops from asking to see someone's license -- and so it's just possible that the bill might not pass before the legislative session ends on June 1. Well, by god, Texas Open Carry advocate Kory Watkins has had just about enough of the Texas legislature's stomping all over the Constitution of the United States, so he's calling for some executions.

Watkins, a leader of the Open Carry crowd that likes to walk around toting their semiautomatic rifles into fast food restaurants and grocery stores because God gave them the right to, posted the following inspiring message to his Facebook Thursday:

That "foot in doors" is a reminder of Mr. Watkins's Huge Internet Victory in January, when he and some other Open Carry creeps badgered state Rep. Poncho Nevárez by yelling "Constitution" at him in his office and then refusing to leave, complete with Watkins shoving his foot in the door, just like George Washington no doubt did in a "Rush Revere" book one time.

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Not that wanting people executed for treason is anything all that new for Kory Watkins -- he loves America so much that calling for the swift execution of its enemies is pretty much his default setting. In February, he was already calling for some neck-stretching for the Constitution:

“Going against the Constitution is treason. And my friend, that is punishable by death. That’s how serious this is […] We should be demanding these people give us our rights back, or it’s punishable BY DEATH. TREASON.”

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Watkins is also not going to be satisfied even if the open carry law does pass, because it still would require that people obtain a permit to carry a handgun, which is clearly unconstitutional in the mind of Kory Watkins, because as he said a few days ago, "The only type of open carry I support is shall not be infringed." Wednesday, he railed against "fake liberty lovers" who would be satisfied with that sham version of open carry, because they are sheeple we guess:

Whatever the outcome of the legislative session, Watkins now seems to be ready to go Full Martin Luther King, only for guns, because gosh darn it, a man has to stand for something, no matter how stupid that stand may be:

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Finally, Watkins wants to make it absolutely clear that he doesn't want to personally execute anyone in the Texas lege; he just wants the Constitution to be upheld by law enforcement officers, all nice and legal-like:

Is it really so much to ask that some decent honest cops will arrest legislators under whatever federal law it is that declares "voting the wrong way" to be treason? This is really quite simple. And then once they've all been given a fair trial, they can be hanged like the Constitution says they need to be.

Also, something something tree of liberty, hang 'em high, treason, treason, treason.

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