Texas Republican Unsure How Demanding His Children Marry White People Makes Him A Bigot

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Texas Republican Unsure How Demanding His Children Marry White People Makes Him A Bigot

Vickers “Vic” Cunningham is a former criminal district judge hoping to win a seat on the Dallas County Commissioners Court. He is also a giant creep who put a clause in his children's living trust funds that gives them a bonus if they marry someone of the opposite sex who is white and Christian.

The news came out earlier this week when Vic's brother, Bill Cunningham came forward to the Dallas News about his brother's history of being a racist asshole. Bill says he was motivated to do this after Vic showed up at his house and berated both him and his black husband, whom he referred to as "your boy." Classy!

Vic Cunningham is not denying that the clause exists, but is not really sure how it makes him a bigot. He explained to reporters that this clause was simply one of many "milestones" in which his children can get a distribution of their trust. Which, of course, makes it all very normal and not bigoted. He also says that his views have never affected any of his decisions as a judge.

“I strongly support traditional family values,” Cunningham explained to the Dallas Morning News. “If you marry a person of the opposite sex that’s Caucasian, that’s Christian, they will get a distribution.”

He also said that his views on this have "evolved" since he set up the trust in 2010, owing to his son's relationship with a Vietnamese woman, but that he couldn't do anything about the trust now.

Now, I may not be a simple country lawyer, but about two seconds of Googling sent me to this very helpful WikiHow on how to amend a living trust.

So clearly, it can be done.

Dallas News reporters also spoke to Amanda Tackett, who had worked on Vic Cunningham's 2006 campaign for district attorney, who said that he regularly tossed around racial epithets.

Amanda Tackett, a former D Magazine writer and friend of Bill Cunningham’s who worked on Vic Cunningham’s 2006 campaign for district attorney, said she heard the former judge repeatedly use the N-word to insult black people behind their backs. She said he described criminal cases involving black people as “T.N.D.s,” short for “Typical [N-word] Deals.”

“I’ve never met another Caucasian person like this,’” Tackett said. “Vic Cunningham is like a character out of a movie.”

Demonse Williams, Bill's husband, provided a text from Vic's son about his father's issues with his interracial relationship.

Bill Cunningham also provided tapes of their mother, Mina Cunningham, saying that Vic was a bigot who made her sick.

“All I can do is apologize for Vic and this way that he thinks,” she said in the call. “He’s so bigoted and so forth as we all know. That does make me sick.”

However, Vic and his other brothers claim that none of this is true and that Bill has it out for him because he has been estranged from the family after taking a bunch of loans from their parents (which Bill says his mother has forgiven) and because he is supporting Vic's opponent in the county commissioner race. Amanda Tackett, they say, is only saying those things because she and Bill are friends. They also claim was manipulating his mother to say those things, because she has dementia, and provided a statement from her to refute them.

“My son Vic is not a racist, bigot or against homosexuals,” Mina Cunningham, 81, said in her statement. “I can’t imagine why he would do this to Vic, but I can only assume it is because Vic would not loan Bill $45,000 of my money to help him pay his mortgage.”


Except that even if his mother were manipulated, even if nothing else here were at all true -- which seems doubtful -- putting a Marry White clause into your kid's living trust just isn't a thing you see people who are not bigots doing. That is going pretty far into full on white supremacist territory.

This is the problem with all those "liberals need to stop calling people bigots because those people don't believe they are bigots, because it hurts their feelings and then they have to become Nazis" articles. This guy, a guy with a literal clause in the living trust that he wrote for his children meant to encourage them to marry white people, does not think he is a bigot. The standard for calling someone a bigot, therefore, cannot be "Do they, personally, think they are bigoted?" -- because clearly, not everyone is always the most best judge of their own assholery.

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