TFW Even Rupert Murdoch Is Telling Trump To Get Over It, Loser

TFW Even Rupert Murdoch Is Telling Trump To Get Over It, Loser

Know that thing about how, despite how godawful Fox News has been over the years about climate change, Rupert Murdoch is not actually a denier, which is one of the only times we're aware of that Murdoch has been personally right about a thing? (We are not counting, of course, how Murdoch has been correct for years that if he creates a fake news network that only exists to make white racist misogynist homophobes shit their beds at night in fear, he will make gabillions of Australian ameros.)

Well move over, climate change, because Murdoch's brain has made room for a new correct fact, and it is that it's time for Donald Trump to get the fuck over it, loser.

According to the Guardian, Murdoch was doing the yearly News Corp stockholders meeting on Wednesday when he said a whole passel of mean words about Trump. "The current American political debate is profound, whether about education or welfare or economic opportunity," said Murdoch, explaining that, "It is crucial that conservatives play an active, forceful role in that debate." However, he added that it "will not happen if President Trump stays focused on the past. The past is the past, and the country is now in a contest to define the future."

In other words, you lost, loser, now get over it.

As you'll see, he did not say the actual words "loser" or "get over it." (The Guardian reminds us that Murdoch has reportedly in the past called Trump a "fucking idiot," in those very words, per Michael Wolff.) But he's definitely saying that white conservatives are going to have a really hard time destroying America if Donald Trump is still the center of their attention and the object of their affection, as he whines and cries and whines and cries about how everything is so unfair and rigged.

And that would be a shame, because Rupert Murdoch really wants conservatives to be talking about education and welfare and things like that! All things about which conservatives have nothing but racism knowledge and expertise to share!

These comments will certainly anger the Grumpster of Mar-a-Lago, and we're sure he'll send out some weird shouty message from his untrafficked website in his trademark stunted English. We doubt we'll hear about it, because that's kind of how deplatforming works, but it'll probably include Trump whining with his head buried up his ass and stuck in the past about that time Fox News correctly announced early and often that Trump lost Arizona like a common loser.

So that'll be fun. Maybe we'll check his website for that later on, once the un-president has had a chance to stew a while.

As for other Rupert comments in the News Corp meeting, it apparently was largely about how Big Tech is doing cancel culture to Fox News and other wingnuts, and that Facebook and Google are trying to "silence conservative voices." To which we reply GFY, Rupert, because Facebook is a catastrophic superspreader of conservative fake news, and it's ruining the world, just like Rupert Murdoch is ruining the world when he allows Tucker Carlson to create January 6 Truther documentaries about how the Capitol terrorist attack was a false flag or a planned demolition or whatever the hell it was.

In summary and in conclusion, Rupert Murdoch was right about a thing, but just one thing, the end.


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