'Thank You George W. Bush' Webmaster Furiously Scrubbing Site

'Thank You George W. Bush' Webmaster Furiously Scrubbing Site

You anti-American homosexual Muslim book-skimming ACORNs have taken YET ANOTHER perfectly good & respectable website --this one designed to thank George W. Bush for the various wars and contracting economies -- and ruined it with your filthy jokes about butts and poop. The site's webmaster is now having to scrub your PUERILE CRAP petition signatures at a breakneck pace leaving him/her no time for SELF-PLEASURE. Let's check out some of these toilet-humor "names" from you people who only want John Kerry to run the country and nothing else will do.

  • #952: The entire 1985 Dever Broncos.
  • #958: Ollie Tabooger
  • #965: lord voldemort
  • #967: An hero
  • #972: Ol PP McPperton
  • #987: Bush sucks big donkey dicks
  • #1003: homer sekchal

The number of petition signers is vacillating between 990 and 1,030, depending on how quick the webmaster is. There are also a lot of libtards there whining about torture and the Patriot Act and divisive politics... lame. Just make your dick joke and move on.



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