Thank Your Favorite President With Flowers!

  • Clinton and Obama hate Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Insurance, and love Big Labor as they turn up their anti-business rhetoric a notch. [WSJ]
  • Do not eat that beef! Undercover video shows workers "kicking sick cows and using forklifts to force them to walk," triggering the biggest beef recall in history. [New York Times]
  • Kosovo declares its independence from Serbia. U.S. says thumbs up to the move, but Serbia and Russia give it a predictable thumbs down. [Washington Post]
  • John McCain acknowledges that the road to the White House is covered in snow, and is 10 miles uphill both ways. [The Hill]
  • The Republican National Committee plans to attack Barack Obama's "undisciplined messaging" this fall if he's the nominee. Have they seen the guy they've got running on their side? [Politico]
  • In a thoughtful observance of the American holiday known as "President's Day," Pakistanis are voting. Americans are buying cars. [New York Times]

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