Thanks for the Bombs, You're Not Getting Our Oil

I could've sworn goos stepping was out of fashionOne short day after George Bush made official his intention to sell $123 million worth of precision-guided bombs to the Saudis and Congress all but said it didn't care, the Saudis have announced that, unsurprisingly, they don't really care if our gas prices are a little bit high.

Bush gave a speech to some businessmen, then to reporters and was gonna tell the darn king tonight that high oil prices are hurting the American economy, but the Saudi oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, told reporters "We will raise production when the market justifies it." They recognize that our economy sucks and there might be a recession here, but they're kind of swimming in cash so they don't really care. Also, they think it might have a little more to do with stuff Bush and his cronies has messed up and less to do with oil prices, because they can read the newspapers, too.

Congress Likely to OK Saudi Arms Deal [NY Times]

Bush Prods Saudi Arabia on Oil Prices [NY Times]


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