Thanks For The Police Blockade, Denver!

Thanks For The Police Blockade, Denver!

You wouldn't know it from our serene Casa Wonkette in Denver's uptown, but just down Colfax in downtown, the cops are going nuts! There are protesters! People are making statements in a way that is sure to be heard (by the cops).

(By the way, that horrible picture is one of the giant Horror Murals at Denver International Airport. There are many legends and conspiracies about this outrage, but the thing really speaks for itself. "Hope" you like your trip to Denver!)

Your whole team is here in Denver now: Newell, Sara, Liz, and your editor. There is beer and music. It is 80 degrees, at dusk, and humid as hell. The AM radio stations were filled with horrible warnings of a "complete wall of nastiness," which contained many tornadoes, which are possibly killing people in surrounding counties. Your editor upgraded that crappy SUV to a fully pimped golden Town & Country with satellite radio, DVD players, swivel seats, and a torture chamber.

Now we will all be killed, by the cops.

Downtown Blockade [Denver Post]


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