That Idaho Mask Burning Was Creepy AF

That Idaho Mask Burning Was Creepy AF

Conservatives are always burning things. Tiki torches, Harry Potter books, Bibles that aren't the King James Bible, books by Cuban-American author Jennine Capó Cruce after she suggested to Georgia Southern University students that white privilege is a thing that exists, disco records, copies of the Qur'an, moreHarry Potter books (ironically, JK Rowlings turn towards the transphobic is the thing that will probably put an end to this), Nike shoes over an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick ... crosses.

Yesterday, a bunch of right-wing freaks decided to burn masks in Idaho.

Idaho, for the record, does not actually have a mask mandate. So these people were clearly just angry at the idea of keeping people healthy in general. Perhaps they should have thrown in some Flintstones vitamins, a bag of kale, and a few old Buns of Steel VHS tapes to really drive the point home — maybe even get a super rich person to donate a Peloton.

Hand sanitizer, of course, would have been a very bad idea.

One of the organizers of the event was Darr Moon, the husband of state Rep. Dorothy Moon. Mr. Moon is an actual member of the actual John Birch Society. Like from olden times. In fact, he is on the National Council of the John Birch Society. Of course, it is probably not too difficult to rise up very high in the JBS, given that probably most of their members are dead.

Here he is explaining that the mask-burning was a "rally" and not a “protest,” probably because protests are for commies.


I think people need to realize that we're standing here today to rein back government, uh, to reestablish our Republican form of government, a government that has balance between the branches, and we're kind of that belief that we need well-defined government and certain boundaries. And that's not what we have today. Our governor is appropriating money and pretty much running the show here in Idaho, and I know governors elsewhere.

Well that was certainly ... non-specific.

To be fair, "We just like burning things!" probably would not have sounded very good. But they did. They did like burning things. Even the little kids got in on it!

Wholesome family fun for all ages!

Of course, some of these super normal people protesting restrictions that were not even in effect in their own state may end up getting in some trouble, as you're actually not supposed to burn stuff on state Capitol grounds.

Via NBC:

No one was arrested, and organizers had permits, but the rally was under review because a fire was started, Idaho State Police said in a statement.

"During the event, an open flame was ignited in a barrel," police said. "Those involved with the event were informed both before and during the event that open flames are not allowed on State Capitol grounds."

I guess they're lucky they're Republicans or the police might not have been so nice about it while they were doing it.

Anyway! This is now your open thread! Talk amongst yourselves!


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