That One Actress's Face And Body Are *Different* From 40 Years Ago! Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 23, 2020

That One Actress's Face And Body Are *Different* From 40 Years Ago! Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 23, 2020

Trump's lawyers, LE SUCK? (Washington Post)

Republicans LYING at the IMPEACHMENT TRIAL???? (The Nation)

Of course Tulsi Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton for fifty million canned clams for allegedly defaming her. (Yes, you can defame someone without saying their name.) (No you can't sue someone for pointing out that garbage people love you.) Wish Tulsi knew the difference between an asset and an agent. She could ask Trump maybe?

White supremacist Ubermenschen wanted so much civil war, obvs, and were going to poison so much water and kill so many people so the Richmond gunhumpers would say WHOOPS BETTER START A-SHOOTIN'! (Terrible criminal complaint at NPR)

ProPublica: Ivanka helped Trump grift his inaugural.

ProPublica: Trump grifted NYC.

Parker Molloy rounded up all the reasons Fox News wanted to impeach Obama, and it was stuff like "didn't deport enough people" and "hates America." Literally.

That tab led to this tab though, and it is a ... WHEW! post by David Limbaugh frothing at the pixels about a slew -- A MILLION SLEWS -- of every terrible scandal Obama ever did, and it is real bad! (It is all lies, except Obama was bad about press freedoms, that is the exactly one true thing out of ... gonna say 400 on Limbaugh's article.) And when he finally works himself into a frenzy of just semicolons of bad shit, this is in the middle of it, and I had to take a break:

his bullying and fact-starved attack on BP that culminated in his authoritarian command, "Just plug the damn hole";

He ... he bullied ... BP ... AUTHORITARIANLY by telling them they had to fix the hole. That had been gushing for 36 days. That would spill upwards of 200 million gallons of crude oil over 16,000 miles of coastline. And that they tore open and were the only outfit with the expertise to fix. And here is the kicker: HE DIDN'T SAY IT TO BP, WHICH SHOULD HAVE PLUGGED THE GODDAMN HOLE. HE SAID IT TO HIS FUCKING AIDES. TELL US, REUTERS:

President Barack Obama has privately expressed his frustration to senior government officials that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has not been stopped and has made clear his feelings about it.

"Plug the damn hole," he has told them, according to aides.

... sorry guys, I have to go lie down.

Facebook letting Trump's superpac tell lies already debunked by Facebook's 26 fact-checkers. -- Media Matters again

I don't know what this is -- American mothers need a break. But is the 'momcation' a solution to their problems or a symptom? -- but I'm so tired I might cry. (WaPo)

That's it, I'm suing me. Lawsuit claims Amazon and freight partner worked truck driver 'into the ground,' causing him to crash

Los Angeles, help the homeless out. (Curbed)

Marc Benioff picks a new fight with Silicon Valley — over trees. Wow what a billionaire DICK thinks CEOs and corps need to plant a trillion trees! (Vox)

Some wonks love Elizabeth Warren and some wonks do not! An interesting taxonomy of who and why, by this bloke, who is not even talking about Wonkette! (Warning, he uses the term neoliberal, but NOT WARNING, he uses it correctly and so will not even make your eardrums bleed!)

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