That Thing Where A Pimp Accused Of Rape Is A GOP Nominee


Well, here we go again. Just when you think that shit is going just as horribly as it possibly can, we get more news that proves America is absolutely losing its mind and women are still just objects to use and abuse. Recently we discussed the Nevada pimp, Dennis Hof, and how he was running for the Nevada Assembly by Making Pimping Great Again. Now we learn that not only is the "Trump from Pahrump" pretty much an asshole, but that he also has been accused of rape by former employees. I can definitely see the resemblance between the men; they have money, they had reality TV shows, and those pesky women keep on accusing them of being sexually abusive criminals.

An unidentified sex worker claims that back in 2005 when she was an employee of The Bunny Ranch II in Moundhouse, Dennis Hof entered her bedroom, with witness Christine Metzger present, and forced himself on her.

"The victim alleged Hof woke her up to have sex with him before asking Metzger to exit the room."

Who in their right mind decides to take a witness with him to commit an act of rape? Apparently there are rapists who like to be watched, which is creepy as fuck and not fantastic at all. There are also wealthy powerful men who think the rules don't apply to them and that women are just there to be objects of pleasure. Now we have some more of them running for office! YAY! Great job, Nevada GOP. You really picked a stand up type of guy.

"Dennis pulls me close to him, opens my legs, and I pulled my legs together, said 'no,' and made excuses to try to leave or make him leave," the victim said in her statement obtained by the paper."

No means no, assholes. Even if you are her pimp, fool. You don't own the women who work for you; slavery is OVER. There are people who seem to think that just because a woman sells sex that she doesn't have the right to decide who to screw. Even if a woman has sex with every man in the universe besides you for CASH MONEY, she can still tell your stank ass "NO." The fact that women feel like we have to make excuses to NOT have sex with men we find unfuckable just proves how much further we need to go as a society when it comes to misogyny. Pretty soon our entire government will be run by pimps, rapists, and incels.

"The woman further claimed that she tried to stop Hof by making excuses before she soon "gave in."

No. Words.

This is not the only time Hof has been accused of raping women he was "pimping":

"Two ex-prostitutes in April detailed sexual assault claims from 2009 and 2011 that they allege took place at Hof's Love Ranch in Crystal and the Bunny Ranch in Carson City."

Just like so many other men who have been accused of sexual assault by women they had power over, Dennis Hof is claiming innocence. A woman named Suzette Cole, who works for him and was not even there during the alleged rape and therefore knows not a damn thing about it, has released a statement for the man who can fire her at any time if she refuses his orders.

From The Las Vegas Review Journal:

"Based on the limited information we've received, this is a complaint about an alleged incident that occurred well over a decade ago which wasn't reported by the accuser until well over a year after the alleged incident," Cole said.

Interesting how people dismiss women who waited to contact police. And in this case, Madame Suzette, as she likes to be called, knows she is shameful as fuck for defending him. A Madame knows goddamn well better than to pretend that sex workers have an easy time being believed (NO WOMAN DOES!), and even if they are believed, for anyone to give a shit that they have been assaulted. How many times have we watched powerful men use NDAs and other silencing tactics to cover up their crimes? And then shame them for speaking out?

I suppose Rudy Giuliani will show up very soon to tell us how women who sell their bodies have "no credibility" because women who have sex are lying whores, and men who whore around become president or end up working for him.

Since these women are either in the sex industry or have that occupation in their pasts, many in the GOP will completely ignore their accusations and vote in an alleged rapist. Remember, please, these are Very Christian People and that their God immediately forgives them and people they like, and the rest of us are Hellbound Sinners. The are the same people who want women to have their rapist's babies, so please don't expect Republicans to rush out and have a #metoo moment. Only DEMOCRATS ask their politicians to "Please go the fuck away, thank you," when they find themselves accused of sexual misconduct. Republicans elect theirs.

[The Hill/LV Review Journal]

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