Last night, on MSNBC, either the stupidest thing in the world or the best thing in the world happened. Or maybe it was both. For some reason, nice host Ari Melber thought it would be fun to get four of the biggest idiots to ever be investigated or called as witnesses in the Robert Mueller investigation, and make them FIGHT!

Of course, we are a normal all-American boy who likes apple pie and watching violence on TV, so we were sitting there with popcorn like "MAKE BLOOD HAPPEN!" and "FOUR WILL ENTER! NONE WILL LEAVE!" But don't worry, all the dipshits you see in the picture above are still alive, and they left with their brains in whatever conditions they were in when they got there, so thoughts and prayers for Carter Page and Jerome Corsi. As you can see above, the other guests were Sam Nunberg, who has a total thing about going on MSNBC and making shitshows happen, and Michael Caputo, who is important because we forget why. Oh yeah, he was a Trump campaign comms adviser who hooked Roger Stone up with one of his swarthy Russians!

What follows is a video, which you should watch in full, and an abridged transcript, which is actually not a transcript, but rather a Wonkette version of what we live-tweeted while it was airing:

Watch: Ari Melber's Interview With 4 Key Mueller Witnesses | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

MELBER: Hi, I'm Ari Melber! I say hip-hop lyrics a lot, and I am either doing this because I hate myself, or I love myself!

CAPUTO: Michael Cohen is an inveterate liar! That we all used to be best friendsies with! Also a BIIIIG SLUT.

PAGE: Hi, i'm batshit! I'm going to say words a lot and even Jerome Corsi is gonna look at me like "the fuck is this guy?" a few times during this interview, and he's the guy who started that birther conspiracy LOLOLOL BRB GOING TO MOSCOW TO GET TURNED BY MORE SPIES!

MELBER: Is the Mueller probe a witch hunt?

CORSI: Show me the birth certificate!



NUNBERG: Yes ... and also NO. I am Sam Nunberg, and I have brought some surprises inside my sleeve!

CORSI: I am going to sue Robert Mueller for ELEVENTY GABILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS, and I'm going to win, because I have a SUPERLAWYER, and his name is Larry Klayman! Just kidding, I am going to lose.

MELBER: Are the Mueller indictments fair?

CORSI: Maybe Paul Manafort was li'l bit hinky with his taxes?

NUNBERG: Yeah they're totally fair. Fuckin' criminals, all of 'em. Wait, what am I saying? WHO AM I?

CAPUTO: Sure, if we're off in some liberal la-la land where committing crimes is a CRIME.

PAGE: I'm just waiting for Hillary Clinton to get indicted for murdering me with Vince Foster!

MELBER: Show me on the doll where Robert Mueller hurt you.

CORSI: I wrote a book about my pain! He beat me!

NUNBERG: [smirking] Jesus Christ, why am I sitting next to this nutbag?

NUNBERG: It was fine. They're prosecutors. You are familiar with my former complaints about the Mueller probe, as I died of a literal meltdown about them on this very TV show. But it's OK, I got better.

CAPUTO: It was like that thing where the doctor puts THINGS in your BUTT.

PAGE: I am actually crazy, so I think the Mueller investigators are secretly QAnon people who are on my side. But don't tell anyone, TRUST THE PLAN.

CAPUTO: The crazy one's not wrong.

NUNBERG: That's ... what investigators do, guys?

CAPUTO: No Russia, no Russia! Anyway, I used to live there and I worked for the Kremlin and that's normal.

MELBER: Let's talk about Roger Stone.

roger stone

CORSI: He beat me!

NUNBERG: You are an insane shitbag.

CORSI: When I am done winning ELEVENTY GABILLION DOLLARS from Robert Mueller, I am going to sue Roger Stone and Alex Jones, because they used to be my friends but they are not my friends anymore sadface :(

CAPUTO: Robert Mueller is a total Heather who stole Jerome Corsi's friends and made them hate him! He does this to EVERYBODY, like OMG you should hear what Robert Mueller said about Becky.

MELBER: Becky?

CAPUTO: Anyway, I also too think Jerome Corsi is an insane shitbag who says mean things about Roger Stone and ruins his "reputation," because I am a person who thinks Roger Stone has a good "reputation," rather than just being a liar with a gross-shaped head.

NUNBERG: Guys, you do realize we all ended up caught up in this investigation because of Roger Stone, right?

PAGE: I am spying for Russia right now!

MELBER: Did Roger Stone collude with Russia?

NUNBERG: Girl, he WISHES he did.

NUNBERG: Yeah, anyway, Roger Stone is a bad guy and I exhibited extraordinarily poor judgment when I called him my daddy. Also, I incognito believe the Robert Mueller investigation is fully legit and am getting a little creeped out just sitting here. Wasn't that weird when Trump gave classified intel to the Russians in the Oval Office the day after he fired James Comey? PRETTY FUCKED, RIGHT?

MELBER: Hoo boy, you've changed!

CORSI: Yes, well, if Barack Obama would just provide me the LONG FORM BERTH-TIFICATE! Nobody's ever seen it!

PAGE: The Deep State ate my baby! Robert Mueller stole my Russian spy friends! I see dead people!


We are not going to joke transcribe this whole entire interview, because that would take too long. But that's how it went. It was insane and it was wonderful, and at the end we were ready for Ari Melber to hand them over to Ellen DeGeneres, so she could put them on her "Game of Games" show and press her magic button and launch them all into outer space, never to be heard from again.

In other words, we enjoyed it very much, GOOD SHOW, ARI MELBER!

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