Wonkers, it is time for a new series as we head into the Democratic primary season, a series we will hopefully remember to do all the time and not mysteriously quit in three days because we forgot, like usual. It is called That's Not What She Said -- or sometimes it will be That's Not What He Said -- and it will be a quick-time factchecking of the media doing its little DEMOCRATS IN DISARRAY thing, which you know is going to get stupid, like Chuck Todd and Chris Cillizza 69-ing Each Other Inside A House Of Mirrors level stupid, as we get further and further into the primary season.

Today, we made fun of Vanity Fair for taking a quote from Beto O'Rourke about how he "was born" to be a part of the current fight to save America from Donald Trump and set us on a course to save ourselves, and turning it into a headline where it sure sounded like they were saying he was born to run for president or to be president. And the choir sang, "THAT'S NOT WHAT HE SAID."

And now we have this tweet from CNBC about an interview Kamala Harris did with MSNBC's Peter Alexander this afternoon, where he asked Harris to react to Beto's candidacy.

Let the choir sing it again, because THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE SAID.

The CNBC article linked in the tweet is just as sloppy, claiming that she "appeared to take a subtle dig at O'Rourke," so don't go thinking this is just the fault of some social media idiot named Trevor With The Bad Tweets.

Shall we watch the interview?

Kamala Harris On Beto O'Rourke: 'The More The Merrier' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Here are some things Kamala Harris said in the interview that CNBC tweet and article purport to be about. Peter Alexander asks about Beto's announcement:

HARRIS: As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier! It'll be a good race.

Fuck, she didn't take the bait. Let's try again! Kamala Harris, what do you really think of Beto?

HARRIS: I probably have not studied him as much as you have, but I will tell you, I think we have an embarrassment of riches. We have incredible public servants who are smart, whose voices are important, and I think it's a robust and a very healthy process, and I'm looking forward to it.

BUT BUT BUT! Peter Alexander will try to bait Kamala Harris in a different way, by quoting the thing Beto said in Vanity Fair about how he understands that he is a total white man, and that a lot of the country thinks it's high time for somebody who's Not That, and that he thinks that is very valid, and only can promise that if he were to win, his administration would look like America.


HARRIS: Listen, I think that we all need to understand that the American public is smart enough to make decisions based on who speaks their truth, who has a proven record of producing, who knows how to fight for Americans and working people. And it is on that basis that our country will elect its next president.

She did not take the bait.

Now let's Zapruder back to that CNBC tweet, where it suggested Kamala Harris said about Beto that people are looking for somebody with a "proven record of producing," as if she was singling him out, and see if it's accurate. WHOA HEY LOOK, NO ZAPRUDER NECESSARY WHEN YOU GOTS YOUTUBE, because it's not remotely accurate. As we said, she didn't take the bait, though she was given ample opportunity, because quite frankly there were more important things to talk about than helping the media make a fake fight between herself and Beto O'Rourke.

So, having failed at making a fake fight for Chuck Todd to use as the entire "A" block of "Meet The Press" this weekend, CNBC decided to wholly invent the fight, because how can we even do Dems In Disarray if the Disarraying Dems won't play the fuck along?

This nice tweeter counted the questions Peter Alexander asked Kamala Harris in that interview:


This has been your inaugural edition of THAT'S NOT WHAT SHE SAID, because as usual, that's not what she fucking said.



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