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Working class white women are tired of Donald Trump's sorry ass. (LA Times)

The European Union is scheduled to reopen its borders on July 1, but Americans' COVID-19-infected selves will probably not be welcome. (CNN)

Bartenders and wait staff are struggling in a restaurant industry that's now primarily either delivery/take-out only or reduced capacity dining. (Eater)

Vandalizing businesses in a historically Black Northeast Portland neighborhood is not how you demonstrate that Black Lives Matter. (The Oregonian)

Artist Milton Glaser died Friday on his 91st birthday. A co-founder of New York Magazine, Glaser put the heart in the famous “I (Heart) New York" logo. His work inspired the playbill for Tony Kushner's Angels in America. He also designed the DC bullet, the greatest comic book logo ever. (CBR)

Some activists are suggesting that John Lennon's "Imagine" should become the new National Anthem. They also probably think R.E.M.'s "The One I Love" or The Police's “Every Breath You Take" are solid wedding songs. Listen to the lyrics, guys. (New York Post)

Seattle's swanky Canlis has responded creatively to the end times. It's now turned its parking lot into a drive-in theater where you safely watch a movie while enjoy some darn good burgers and fries. Proceeds benefit the Black Farmers Collective. (Seattle Times)

Minnesota is more segregated than its "nice" reputation implies. (Time)

The rest of the nation also hasn't entirely shaken off

GOP Senate incumbents in Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina are in varying degrees of serious trouble. (Newsweek)

Trump spent Saturday golfing in Virginia. He didn't even have the decency to at least practice fiddling. (The Guardian)

George and Martha Washington enslaved 300 Black human beings. Do you know their names? (Washington Post)

Some good news for a change: Scientists believe the coronavirus doesn't mutate so quickly that a vaccine wouldn't prove effective. (NPR)

COVID-19 is making people in their early 60s feel old. It is hard to accept that Sharon Stone, Colin Firth, Jennifer Grey, and Julianne Moore are in the "at-risk" group. (Washington Post)

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