The 31 Fakest Reality Shows On TV, Ranked! Tabs, Fri., June 10, 2022

The 31 Fakest Reality Shows On TV, Ranked! Tabs, Fri., June 10, 2022

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Fucking kill me. "Aware of Injuries Inside, Uvalde Police Waited to Confront Gunman." This one's a goddamn nightmare machine. — Gift link New York Times

Xavier and Annabell, 10, who loved each other, will be buried side by side. Goddamn Jesus fuck, tell me when Jon Fucking Tester a Goddamn Fucking Democrat decides is the time we can do a regulation on semiautomatic weapons god DAMN IT. (ABC News)

In Detroit? Join us at the Riverwalk this Saturday, June 11, at noon (we'll be by the carousel) for the March for Our Lives. Not in Detroit? Find yours here.

Donna Rose and her very excellent anti-gun-violence sign.

Sen. Mazie Hirono and friends introduce a bill to make the Pill over the counter and covered. (Hirono)

Koch and Dead Koch lost a referendum in South Dakota that tried to impose a supermajority requirement on SD ballot initiatives. Fuck you, Koch and Dead Koch. — The Nation

This is very good on the "narrative" that Bari Weiss's wife Nellie Bowles helped cement against Chesa Boudin, the SF progressive prosecutor recalled for causing all the homelessness. (Defector) And this by Joe Eskenazi on the out-of-city papers (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who don't know a goddamn thing about progressives, SF, the police or reform. (Mission Local)

More on the self-described "Christian fascists" who attacked the family-friendly drag show at Dallas Pride that Evan wrote about yesterday. As Amanda Marcotte notes on Twitter, there's a whole passel of them weeping that we're "making" them turn into Nazis with our decadence. Spoiler: It's horrific. (Salon)

The Only Seven Senators Who Matter have been dicking around amongst themselves to save the country from future coups, and may even eventually get a framework they can agree to that will be approved by 57 members of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body and then fail to the filibuster. — NBC News

Unions! Rush in and unionize the young, they are all a-clamor! (The American Prospect)

Science ain't know jackshit about vaginas, because science thinks vaginas are gross. — Ladyparts substack

This is a good and entertaining and also old post on context collapse and why we're so fucking mean online. I read it because Obama read it. (Curbed)

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