The America's Frontline Doctors Did A 'We Are The World' Music Video And Now We Are All Dead

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The America's Frontline Doctors Did A 'We Are The World' Music Video And Now We Are All Dead

America's Frontline Doctors are always coming up with something new. Whether it's demon semen,getting arrested for trying to overthrow the United States government, or a telemedicine service that literally does nothing but hook anti-vaxxers up with doctors who will prescribe them hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for humans.

And sometimes, it turns out, they make bizarre, cringe-inducing music videos featuring the song "We Are The World" by 1980s charity supergroup U.S.A For Africa.

The group released the video at the beginning of this month, with insurrectionist Dr. Simone Gold describing it on Rumble as " and America's Frontline Citizen Corps present a heart-warming group participation in the historic song "We Are The World" with a striking performance of symbolism to demonstrate a unified return to truth, respect, and human freedom."

While the original song's purpose was to raise money to combat the famine in Africa, led by activist and musician Harry Belafonte, written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, and sung by people who could actually sing very well, this new version involves absolutely no talent or compassion whatsoever. Rather, it is a bunch of anti-vaxxers standing around awkwardly while the original version of the song does all the heavy lifting of implying that they are the world, they are the children, and they are the ones who make a brighter day, the latter of which I think most of us would agree is not the case.

Let's watch!

Most of the video is just them standing in a choral formation while "We Are The World" plays in the background, and looking extremely uncomfortable. We've got a couple rows of the America's Frontline Doctors, a row of the America's Frontline Doctor Citizen Corps (who I guess are like their Pips?), and then a row of children, all just standing very still before very stiffly swaying side to side. Is lack of rhythm a side effect of ivermectin?

There's a super creepy interlude during Michael Jackson's solo, in which a child takes the mask off of the lady standing behind him and she just beams at her. Like "Good job, kid! I was trapped inside this paper mask and you freed me! Symbolism!"

And then all of the children dramatically burn the masks they were holding in their hand in a firy garbage can until one brave soul steps forward and dumps a whole box in, while they cheer.

Then they go and pass around a bunch of tiny flags and then finally get to lip synching while waving said tiny flags.

Some of them, anyway. It's not exactly coordinated. They finish it off by singing a chorus themselves, and it is, predictably, not very good.

The original may seem a little cheesy now, but it actually did raise over $50 million to send food and medicine to countries in Africa affected by the famine. This, however, does jack shit but provide an opportunity for a bunch of wackos to pretend that they are doing some incredibly heroic thing when in fact they are putting all of us in danger.

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