The Arctic Sea Is Not Where You Think It Is

  • According to recent private remarks, Dick Cheney is rather sore at George W. Bush for "going soft" in his (Cheney's) second term as president. [Washington Post]
  • Wal-Mart's sales suffered an unexpected decline in Q2. [CNN]
  • Jewel thieves got their hair did and donned elaborate latex masks before a they committed Britain's biggest jewelry robbery ever. Guy Ritchie's film adaptation of this caper is due out in 3 ... 2... 1. [Guardian]
  • A new study suggests that the North Atlantic has seen more hurricanes in the past decade than it has for 1,000 years. But don't fret about global warming, because at least one climate scientist involved with the study cites "rather large levels of uncertainty" in its findings. [New York Times]
  • First Sarah Palin floats this outrageous notion of "death panels," and then she gets mad at Obama for not taking her criticisms seriously. [AP]
  • When a ship called the Arctic Sea goes missing, you can make endless jokes about how people are searching frantically for the Arctic Sea and why don't they just check a map, for crying out loud. [Bloomberg]

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