The Arizona Fraudit Proved NOTHING, DO NOT TAKE BAIT.

Stop saying that the Arizona fraudit "proves" that Biden won Maricopa County. Stop saying that Biden "expanded" his lead over Trump. Stop giving this pack of incompetent charlatans your stamp of approval as they attack the underpinnings of our democracy. This preposterous exercise proves nothing, and we should not treat it as legitimate simply because it failed to call for the overturning of this election.

Cut that shit out right now!

Cyber Ninjas, the Florida company with exactly zero election experience, is handing its homework in to the Arizona GOP today, just five months and $5.7 million dollars after they started this pathetic circle jerk. And in case anyone is suffering from amnesia as to the corruption of this entire process, let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Before the Cyber Ninjas' fraudit even got under way, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had already conducted multiple audits confirming President Joe Biden's 45,000-vote win, including a hand recount of two percent of all precincts. But thanks to pressure from Trump and his henchmen, Republicans in the legislature, led by Senate President Karen Fann, hired outside groups to count some more based solely on their subjective belief that they could not possibly have lost.

Cyber Ninjas, in addition to being wholly unqualified and having submitted no written bid, had far too many conflicts to conduct a non-partisan, objective audit — even if it knew how, which it did not. Its CEO Doug Logan had publicly endorsed Trump's Big Lie fraud claims, including appearing in a "documentary" about election fraud directed by the Overstock nutjob Patrick Byrne. In fact, Logan worked with Byrne and Sidney Powell to help craft their disastrous Kraken election suits. And it was a good thing that he had all those rich friends, since Byrne and Powell turned around and funded this bloody debacle, after the $150,000 the state Senate handed over to Logan disappeared in the first eight minutes.

What's hinkier than a taxpayer-financed partisan witch hunt masquerading as an objective audit? How about one funded by deranged conspiracy theorists!

And the Kraken Krew weren't the only ones playing both sides of the table. Voices and Votes, a "non-profit" led by OANN personalities Christina Bobb and Chanel Rion, raised $605,000. Coincidentally, OANN got exclusive coverage rights of the event, with other media observers relegated to the balcony if they were let in at all. America's Future, the group helmed by martial law and hydroxyhorsepaste lover Mike Flynn, kicked in almost a million dollars.

And sure it's hilarious that these fucking idiots were shining UV lights on the ballots looking for Chinese bamboo fibers. But that's the least of the problem with this debacle which damaged $2.8 million of election equipment during "testing." This was a bloody clown show holding itself out as a "forensic audit" while allowing a former state rep who was defeated in this very election to count votes.

Here's a link to Part 1 of Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs's report on problems with this "audit." It's 122 pages. Here's the section from the Executive Summary on "Lack of Security and Chain of Custody Procedures:"

● Observers noted that there was no security presence preventing entrance into the venue or access to the areas where ballots were being stored on the first day of the review.
● Throughout the ballot review, ballot counters were seen with both black and blue pens. In a credible election audit, black and blue pens are prohibited because this ink can be read by ballot tabulators and used to alter ballots. As a result, there is no way to confirm if the original ballots that were being reviewed were altered or destroyed.
● Any participant using a computer could access critical systems housing tally data and ballot images because each computer had a single login, shared passwords, and no multifactor authentication.
● Observers noted that ongoing chain of custody interruptions for both the data and the equipment, including when voting system software and ballot image data was sent to a location in Montana, compromised the data integrity.


That last bit about "a location in Montana" refers to a hard drive of election data that the audit's tech guru Ben Cotton personally drove to a so called "lab" in Montana that turned out to be his own vacation cabin. Keep that in mind when Logan and Cotton hold their dog and pony show this afternoon to discuss their security recommendations, i.e. ways to make it harder to vote and easier to toss out ballots in the name of "election security."

Because nothing about this fiasco is credible, and we should draw no conclusions from its bogus report. Particularly since these hacks are going to take whatever blessing we give them by trumpeting their "results" and use it to suppress the vote in Arizona and other states that are giddily taking the Arizona fraudit model and running with it. We are not helping by boosting their conclusion that they "found" votes for Biden, when Doug Logan is about to take the stage with Shiva Ayyudarai — someone who literally claims to have invented email — to spew lies about "election integrity."

But, hell, don't take it from us. Here's veteran Arizona reporter Brahm Resnik, telling you the same thing.

This is BULLSHIT. Do not take the bait.


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