The Art of J.D. Yezierski


If you're an artist seeking publicity, just incorporate Bush into your paintings, posters, or musical performances -- that seems to work every time. But what if your models are waxed smooth? Then, try a clever political theme, like photographer J.D. Yezierski, whose exhibit, "Marilyn, Monica, Abu: What's Obscene," is showing at Arlington's Murky Coffee through June. Yezierski tells us:

The inspiration for this series of photographs begins with this simple observation: we spent more than $70 million investigating Whitewater/Lewinsky, which is more than we have spent investigating prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, security lapses prior to 9-11, and the misuse of intelligence that led us into the Iraq War. Combined.

Also, nudity helps. PG-13 skin plus felony-caliber prisoner abuse after the jump.



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