The Award For Shoving Russian Propaganda Into Story About 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Denied Abortion Goes To ...

Christ, DJTJ.

Did some Sergei at HQ call up the disgraced former president's son like an Amway sponsor, just gently reminding him what happens to people who don't meet their monthly quota for spreading the Kremlin's true and pure message?

We are just asking, because here's a tweet:

God, that just has everything.

Trump Jr. calls Ukraine — the innocent nation his father illegally and immorally extorted with the weapons it needed to defend itself from the vile worthless shithole nation of Russia, in order to try to force Ukraine to help steal the 2020 election for his father — "corrupt."

He calls it "corrupt" while Vladimir Putin, the leader of the vile worthless shithole nation of Russia, is still relentlessly attacking Ukraine, in order to achieve his geriatric wet dreams of restoring Russia to some imagined former glory.

He glomps directly onto the new propaganda from the Right about how this is REALLY a story about illegal immigration, because according to Fox News — yeah, we'll see — the rape suspect was an undocumented immigrant, therefore let's ride bareback down the handrail of daddy's Trump Tower escalator calling immigrants rapists just like Daddy does, maybe Daddy will notice and love him now?

Kudos for the accidental admission that his impotent father never was able to finish building his impotent wall, though.

And he uses all this to deflect from the horrible, gut-wrenching story of a very real 10-year-old child who was raped repeatedly, became pregnant, and was then denied abortion healthcare because of the illegitimate rulings of the illegitimate partisan hack Supreme Court, which is populated with a vile, illegitimate 6-3 conservative majority cemented by his vile father, who was only able to make those appointments because Russia gave him a reacharound in "winning" that election. (And because Mitch McConnell, but this post is about El Fuckstain pictured above.)

And why do they need to deflect? Because what's happening now is exactly what was always going to happen, what we always said was going to happen, and the blood is spread on the hands of every Republican who helped make it that way. Why, if they were honest about what was happening — what was their real goal all along — they'd look like monsters.

Heckuva job, Junior.

Sorry your mom died, you stomach-churning tick on the asshole of humanity.

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