Last week, Liz and Liz went to one of the thousand terrible David Beckham parties that took over DC and then, just as quickly, faded from everyone's memory. Relive the excitement with Ms. Gorman's gallery of photos and Ms. Glover's write-up, after the jump!

Beckham-Free Beckham Party Gallery

off the record, this was torture. liz will attest to it. i waited too long for the elusive Beckham (it was another Godot scenario) and drank too much as a result. no video. there's really nothing worth posting from it.

LA Galaxy Match Bash to Celebrate RFK selling out and the growth in popularity of soccer in the metro region

Lima Restuarant 1401 K St.

per the press release "VIPs from many different worlds: athletics, politics, media were invited as guests plus lots of young Washingtonians in the social scene."

We were hoping Beckham would make a cameo appearance not because we're fans but because we wanted to profit from selling photos to the press and encourage him to get Victoria to eat a donut - or several - so she's not rocking the Skeletor look and regains her health.

Anyway, Becks was a no show. It was good to see some old DC United friends. Beyond that, we felt a little like we were at Smith Point circa 2004.

plus it was way too loud in there. the audio was terrible.

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