The Best Restaurant in DC

Most fun you can have in DC for 30 bucks - WonketteAttention DC residents: Wednesday nights at Oya are so hot right now. Here's an email from an operative to help explain:

So, um, I was at Oya last night for some celebratory drinks with some friends and we were treated to an incredible show: A middle-aged well-dressed man and his much younger brunette companion engaged in what appeared to be sex in the corner of one of the side-rooms. She was full on straddling him, the tops of her nylons showing, and there was a, um, noticeable rhythm going on there, as well as some pretty blatant zipper action.

The rest of the story and a little detective work, after the jump.

It went on for a good ten or fifteen minutes -- long enough that the group closest to them got up and left -- and they really only seemed to notice that others were staring when he was finished and they were neatening up.

Did I mention that this was taking place at 8:30 on a Wednesday night??????

Our working theory: call girl, especially since from some onsite research and some subsequent Googling we determined he's from out of town. I mean how else do you get a 20-something girl to have sex in public with you at a place like Oya on a weeknight?

Sadly, our tipster doesn't have a cell phone camera. But if you do, and you were there, we'd love to get in touch.


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