'The Blaze' Writer, Headline Writer At Odds Over Thrill Quotient Of Possible Portman Pick


We feel fairly sure how whoever writes the headlines over at Glenn Beck's The Blaze feels about a possible Rob Portman veep nod, what with their terrible intimation that nobody even knows who Rob Portman is. But how does the article about Rob Portman admitting he's being vetted by the Romney camp frame the news? (Differently. It frames it differently, as a valiant fighter at the expense of Wonket Hero No. One And For All Time, Old Handsome Joe Biden.)

Here is what The Blaze's Mytheos Holt thinks:

Portman’s success was partially aided by a series of superb debate performances against Democratic candidate Lee Fisher – debates that were described by your humble author in the pages of National Review this way:

Rob Portman savaged Lee Fisher, to the point that even some of the lefty blogs in the state expressed admiration for Portman’s poise and preparation. It’s obvious that his experience preparing presidents for debates has paid off, whereas Fisher came off as a person with virtually nothing to talk about as far as an agenda (other than a few platitudes).[...]

Nice guys finish last. This debate is no exception.

Switch out the name “Fisher” with the name “Biden” and you‘ll probably have a good idea of what will happen come this year’s debates, if Portman is the Veep.

That Joe Biden, what a dummy, can't even talk off the cuff for half an hour at a time about a host of policy and social issues without telling a sex joke about his parents. Everybody hates Joe Biden. Rob Portman will eat him alive. [TheBlaze]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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