The Blizzard of the World Has Crossed the Threshold


  • That climate-change hooey is just a bunch of lesbians trying to hide decades of higher average temperatures behind a few Xmas blizzards during the traditional winter months of winter. [Fox News]

  • Ugh. Sales and prices of existing U.S. homes really collapsed in November, really terribly ... and the new-home prices collapsed, too, but who is buying a new house in this shitstorm? [New York Times]
  • A big-shot hedge-fund manager named R. Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet (French for "fuck you, poor people") apparently killed himself after losing $1.4 billion to Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme. [Also the New York Times]
  • Remember how Barack Obama wouldn't go to his grandmother's funeral in Hawaii because he hates America or whatever? The memorial service was held on Tuesday in Honolulu, and the Obamas were there, and then the ashes were scattered over the Pacific at the same place where Barack's mom's ashes were scattered in 1995. [Washington Post]
  • America's Worst Motherfucking Piece of Motherfucking Trash Ever, Dick Cheney, the Criminal Monster, is sure enjoying his "victory" lap by admitting to a bunch of motherfucking torture/horror bullshit that would certainly see the motherfucker hang, if an actual man becomes president, next. [Andrew Sullivan]
  • Montgomery County has been swallowed by The Mud. [DC Examiner]
  • It is super-snowy all over the place, in America, for Xmas! [Weather News]

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