The Bloggers Are Too Busy Doing The Important Journalistic Work Of Denying They Wear Pajamas To Actually Wear Pajamas


So guess what: the blogs are up in arms—or wings, for the Twitter ones??—over this latest suggestion that the blog people wear pajamas. This happens every now and again: Some politician—or anonymous Obama aide, in this case—says something that implies that pajamas have anything at all to do with the Internet. It is always extremely important that these hateful allegations are refuted because of literally infinity reasons. What if people read the blogs, but were under the impression that the people writing them were wearing sweatpants? Yeah exactly. Which is why the theme of the Internet today is: flannel and journalism are mutually exclusive.

This whole to-do started when CNBC correspondent John Harwood went on Lester Holt's informational politics show to talk about Obama's gay rights speech on Sunday, and how the White House thinks it is simply unreasonable that certain old-college-t-shirt-and-boxers-wearing-type journalists expect Obama to repeal DADT just because Obama said he was going to repeal DADT. This is where the caustic pajamas allegation happened! “And for a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn’t take this opposition one adviser told me today those bloggers need to take off their pajamas, get dressed and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult,” said Harwood.

Cue human blog synecdoche Andrew Sullivan, who will tell you something, anonymous White House advisor. First of all, for what we can only guess are hundreds of millions of credible reasons, he's decided you are Rahm Emanuel. This is called journalism, and also politics. Simple. Second, he will use the incalculable sublime power of the Andrew Sullivan blog, the Daily Dish, to CATEGORICALLY DISAVOW THE HURTFUL SARTORIAL MISCHARACTERIZATION. Like check this out: here is a comical YouTube video of a small human child attempting to remove some drawstring pants. BAM! Dissent and Justice don't wear pajamas to the Pulitzer Prize ceremony, yo.


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