The Bush Administration: In Need of an Editor?

Highlights from the Woodward book (Plan of Attack, you may have heard something about it):

Powell and his deputy "used to refer to what they called 'the Pottery Barn rule' on Iraq"

Andy Card "compared Bush to a circus rider with one foot on a 'diplomacy' steed and the other on a 'war' steed, both heading toward the same destination: Iraq."

The CIA developed "an extensive network of 87 Iraqi informants code-named ROCKSTARS."

Bush referred to his Camp David sessions with Tony Blair as "the cojones meeting."

It's really almost like reading a Tina Brown column, isn't it? You've got the penis thing. And you have the skull-pounding mixed metaphors: The rock stars are on horses headed to Pottery Barn? No. Uhm: The Iraqis once redecorated their circus horses in muted Mediterranean tones? Wait. How about: While attempting to ride two rock stars, the president injured his cojones. No wonder things are so fucked up.

Bush Began to Plan War Three Months After 9/11 [WP]


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