The Bush Girls

We had heard Ann Gerhart's bushgirls

Laura Bush book was going to tend toward the sucky end of the blow- vs. hatchet-job scale (what can you expect from something titled "The Perfect Wife"?), but we're still disappointed with the lack of dirt in the Style section's lengthy excerpt about the Bush girls. About the worst that can be said of them is that they slouch. Oh, and they like to party. But how hard? There's nothing in here you haven't heard before. (The fake ID, elluding the Secret Service to go drinking, etc.) The juiciest revelation in the piece has nothing to do with Bush twins directly -- it is the promise of juice to come. Apparently, Jenna and Barbara treat the Secret Service like shit, or, more precisely:

The twins. . . decided that their agents were their enemies -- and their chauffeurs, bellhops and valets.

When comes to dirt, there's nothing more fertile than an ill-treated employee. (Ask David Brock!) Agents, start your dialing now!

Laura's Girls [WaPo]


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