The Camera Takes Off Fifty Pounds

russertspotatohead.JPGWhite Christian male media elites sure do love that beisbol. Too bad their sporty clothes don't like them as James Carville's skinny ass can make a t-shirt look like a poncho, and Tim Russert needs at least an hour in the make-up chair before he stops scaring small children. Oldest fart of them all Mort Kondracke was at the game too. So, you get those plus a couple of minor movie stars and one major, uh, general. Oh, and Jessica Cutler is bankrupt.

Unless you only want to read publicist written "sightings," you're gonna have to send emails with real sightings. It's easy, just type "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the cable news hero you saw. Then make up something mean about them. It's fun, really, we do it all the time.

* Finally got some good Nats tickets last Tuesday [5/29] and found myself seated mere feet from James Carville, super skinny and looking like he just bic'd his dome in khakis and a red t-shirt, and Tim Russert, with his giant head and matching gut. Mort Kondracke was there too, with his wife and still in a suit. Not sitting with James and Tim.

* Saw Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway [5/25] on 3rd and E. Capitol SE. Looked like they were shooting the same scene over and over.

* Saw three-star Gen. Keith Dayton walking up 23rd street outside the Foggy Bottom metro yesterday [5/31] around 2pm, in full uniform. Not often you see a three-star walking down the street, and when I glanced at his name tag I knew I recognized the name from somewhere. Dayton is the U.S. Security Coordinator based in Israel (he was testifying on the Hill this week), but previously he was the military-side leader on the WMD hunt with David Kay in Iraq. He seemed to be going into the metro, which seems odd for a three-star in uniform (I've never seen anything higher than a bird-colonel on metro). I wonder if he also takes the buses in Israel.

* Bankrupt blogger Jessica Cutler is in the Waldorf-Astoria lobby, using her laptop and giggling on her cell phone. Wearing a really short blue dress and drinking Fiji.


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