The Cast Finally Admit That The Show Is Fake. Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 30, 2021

The Cast Finally Admit That The Show Is Fake. Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 30, 2021

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Red COVID. I don't know how to tell you this, but Chris Cillizza is blaming Trump, Fox, and GOP governors for the current coronavirus bloodbath. I'd better go lie down on the floor a while. (CNN)

How you living, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott? — Quinnipiac Poll

Why are the richest Democrats now the most leftwing voters economically? Eric Levitz teases out some answers but forgets to include "they know that everybody having money is good for the economy," or even "they realize they already have enough," which would be my first and second guesses respectively. Robyn presumably would guess "they have a healthy aversion to guillotines." (New York mag)

All about Ron Bloom, the "Democrat" asset manager Trump appointee keeping US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in his job. (Revolving Door Project)

Justin Trudeau: The world's most successful progressive leader, on the merits? Tell us more, Washington Monthly.

This made me cry a tiny: Vice President Kamala Harris went to this lady's house to talk with her about help in caring for kids and parents, via Build Back Better. (HuffPost)

Why insurance companies, having to pay out all these climate change extreme weather claims, aren't doing anything about climate change. (They're all invested in Exxon.) — The American Prospect

Can't believe Zoolander — hey, it's 20 now! — was ever considered a "flop." (Do not subject yourself to the sequel, it is poop.) — Esquire

I'm halfway through a re-read of Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven (Wonkette cut link), and I can't tell you how achingly pertinent the story of Mormon fundamentalists who murder their sister-in-law and her baby is, 17 years after Krakauer published it. They think like QAnon, they're all Bundyites out to make over the US in their image, by force and death. They're all early-adopter sovereign citizens, they're true believers, and it's all emotion — and a search for some long-lost "purity" — not fact. Fact is whatever you want it to be when you've got your own direct line to God, and God wants you to marry all your own teenage stepdaughters and kill the woman who went to college and is telling you "no."

Which mansion do you choose from this listicle of cities with cheap-ass mansions? (They had to have 50 listings greater than five thousand square feet in August, thus no Detroit. If you want a list of Detroit mansions, see me after class.) I will take that Art Deco gorgeousness please, even though it is in Kansas City, Missouri! Oh right no I won't. (LINK FIXED, SORRY!) (Realtor)

"What is mansion?" Stupid people talk annoyingly about "what is mansion." (Realtor again!)

Oh here's a lovely public project in Bern. — GWJ Architecture

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