The Chaos at Rayburn: A Photo Essay

rayburn%20house%20office%20building%20gunfire%20shooting%201.jpg"The reporters are so bored they're actually interviewing tourists."

Who says we bloggers lack original content and never do reporting? Courtesy of Intern Nick, who has just returned from the scene, here are a few photographs of the hullaballoo at the Rayburn House Office Building.

Check them out, along with Nick's commentary, after the jump.

rayburn%20house%20office%20building%20gunfire%20shooting%202.jpg"This is it, the building in the flesh."

rayburn%20house%20office%20building%20gunfire%20shooting%203.jpg"The lone empty tripod -- poignant somehow."

rayburn%20house%20office%20building%20gunfire%20shooting%204.jpg"This guy's name is John Turley, apparently he was one of the first let out of the building, other than that, he doesn't know shit."

rayburn%20house%20office%20building%20gunfire%20shooting%205.jpg"More bored reporters."

Update: Another Rayburn photo is available here.


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