The Chosen People Contemplate Their Greatness And Pretty Pictures And Erotic Art Are Put On Display


Friday, March 5 through Sunday, March 14: "The Face" is a play about angry, vulgar people who do and say very bad things to each other, for fun. It will make you wonder where all the happiness has gone, but it will also make you laugh, hysterically, like no one is watching. Tickets are $30. [Studio Theater]

  • Friday, March 5 through Sunday, March 7: The National Archives is hosting free screenings of Oscar Nominated Documentary Features, Documentary Short Subject Films, Live Action Short Films, and Animated Short Films. [National Archives]
  • Friday, March 5 through Saturday, April 3: Erotic art may be tacky and gross, but because it has the potential to also be funny, interesting, and enlightening, you should check out "Erotica 2010" at Moca DC. Tonight's opening reception, which starts at 6PM, includes a burlesque show, strippers, and cash prizes. [Moca DC]
  • Saturday, March 6 through Sunday, March 21: People submit pretty photos to DCist using internet photo tool Flickr. DCist uses said photos to illustrate their posts, and then, because the photos are that awesome, DCist puts them on display at the Long View Gallery for their "DCist Exposed Photography Show." The opening reception is this Saturday from 6-10PM. [DCist]
  • Opening Saturday, March 6: Andy Warhol painted portraits of famous Jews, and pissed off many members of the tribe as a result. Hence Theater J's newest program, "Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?" a comedic one-man show about Warhol's portraits and what makes the chosen people happy (if anything). Tickets to this Saturday's 8PM show and Sunday's 3PM show are only $30. The Sunday and Tuesday 7:30PM performances are pay-what-you-can previews, and tickets for the wage laborers (folks under 35) are half-off at every performance. [Theater J]

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