Pareene and LNS founder Reed Landry are BFF -WonketteWe were going to leave the coverage of this to our sister site Jezebel, but you guys seem to think we should comment on the City Paper's Late Night Shots story. We didn't have much to add until we read the comments. Because once you get bored mocking the lifestyle of the wealthy and soulless, you can still pick on their defensiveness.

MGR writes:

At the end of the day, they hate because they are jealous. Jealous of our priviledge, jealous of our economic success, jealous of our fun. I hate to say it but they hate us for the same reasons the terrorists do. Perhaps that's why they all want us to withdraw from Iraq and hand victory to al Qaeda on a silver platter? Ok, I better stop before I go off on a major tangent/rant here.

Yes, that is as good a time as any to stop, MGR. You wouldn't want to say something hilariously stupid.

"Truth," who neglects to mention which law school he didn't go to, drops some First Amendment science:

What people often forget is that the well-connected are “well-connected� for a reason. I think Angela chose the wrong crowd to take aim. Remember several of these LNSers have unlimited funds and are legally savvy. I would not be surprised to see someone lose his or her job over this.

If a release was signed, that is one thing, but journalism, where you name specific names or quote specific people without their knowledge, it is illegal. Additionally, I think Angela makes some pretty lofty statements about several people. To address your libel burden of proof argument. The proof is actually on the writer. If I were Angela, I would be worried. It seems ripe for a huge settlement considering the reputation of the site and those quoted.

Yeah, reporting that a post-frat douchebag may be a drunk asshole is a pretty clear-cut case of libel.

As always, it's the children who truly suffer.

Comment: By: Sally Hemmings Jul. 12, 2007, at 12:17 pm

Let the record show that I was at the party where Angela Valdez was blackout drunk---overly intoxicated and spilling drinks on people at the LNS party she so casually mentions. I am shocked that she has chosen to libel all parties involved, especially in the age of google when these persons, who did not want to speak with her, literally will lose jobs because of this... much less over words they did not speak. Interesting that when you google her name, she has plagiarized another writer's work. The most offensive part of this article is that nearly everyone she came into contact with treated her extremely well. This is the most unprofessional piece of writing I have read in a long time. She is a pathetic, unethical, and unprofessional person who should locked up in a jail cell with other duplicitious, no-talented clowns who propagate falsehoods.

Comment: By: Angela Valdez Jul. 12, 2007, at 12:24 pm

While interviewing people in the bathroom, I knocked over a drink sitting on the counter. I was not drunk, and certainly not blackout drunk.

Comment: By: Angie "Herpes Simplex B" Valdes Jul. 12, 2007, at 12:35 pm

People saw you drunk and groping men. You're a horrible person, and you've ruined people's lives over this article. Do you have any shame? I know of one person in this article who was fired an hour ago. Whatever happened to responsible journalism?

It's a sad day when an LNSer loses his or her job for reasons not related to John McCain's plummeting poll numbers.

Maybe tomorrow, if you're good, we'll let you know what they're saying on the LNS forums themselves. It's all much sadder than it is funny.

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