The Clintons Have So Gotten In Barry's Head

barryconspiracy.jpgSomewhere during his European search for knowledge as a student at Oxford, Bill Clinton must have come across ancient Old World mystics who taught him the powers of mind-control. So strong, these powers are, that Barry's firewall against meanness and anti-Hope is breaking down. He snapped a couple of times at Billary last night -- why now, right? -- and today, he's getting conspiratorial.

The Obama campaign is complaining about anti-Barry push polls in South Carolina, which makes absolutely no sense since Barry is winning there! As one lady told CNN, the specter of Clinton looms large among the various robot telephone tribes in Carolina's unexplored hill country:

"[The caller] asked for the female in the household," she told CNN, "then they asked my race." Devine said the caller then launched into a series of positive statements about Clinton and negative statements about Obama, asking how each one affected her vote.

Clintonbots, the Clintonbots are advancing. Doesn't Barry know this! As he told David Brody in an interview today, he knows someone is smearing his obvious Muslim heritage. Might that someone be... THE CLINTONS THEMSELVES?:

Brody: You said it was a dirty trick. Do you believe that it is somehow campaign related?

Obama: We have no way of tracing where these e-mails come from, but what I know is they come in waves, and they somehow appear magically wherever the next primary or caucus is, although they're also being distributed all across the country. But the volume increases as we get closer to particular elections.

That indicates to me that this is something that is being used to try to raise doubts or suspicions about my candidacy.

Magic, you say? Peculiar. If you'd like to investigate conspiracies further, Barry, we recommend you check out for practical tips and techniques.

Anti-Obama push-polling alleged in South Carolina [CNN]

Obama: Muslim smear a "systematic political strategy" [Ben Smith]


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