The Condi Tapes: A Diplomatic 'Three's Company' Episode

Diplomacy's all about flexibility. (AP)

Reporters are jerks.

Reporters traveling with Rice transcribed the tape of the private luncheon but did not tell Rice aides about it until after a senior State Department official, briefing reporters on condition of anonymity as usual, assured them that "there was absolutely no friction whatsoever" between the two senior diplomats.

Once the flabbergasted official learned of the tape, he continued the briefing. He paused repeatedly, asking before describing a discussion whether reporters had heard it.

Once again we ask: Why can't we hear the tape? C'mon! Shouldn't Harry Shearer have posted it somewhere by now? What do we pay you people for?

Update: Ok, NPR has a snippet of testy testy Condi. Good on them. And CNN played it too! We've just given away the fact that we were at a crappy baseball game last night and didn't actually watch the news.

A Spat Over Iraq Revealed On Tape [WP]


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